Some Sidekick users get contacts back

The debacle that was and is the loss of all Sidekick users' contacts data continues with a new wrinkle. Gizmodo reports that at least a few Sidekick users have suddenly had their contacts returned according to posts on the T-Mobile forums.

Some users have reported that they turned the handsets on and off several times and that the contacts just magically returned. One user claims that he removed the battery, put it back in and then the contacts returned. The user did point out that his contacts were saved to the SIM card.

I'm not sure how turning the phone on and off or removing the battery would get contacts that were stored on Danger servers that were wiped out back. Still it is an interesting occurrence. A T-Mobile rep asked for more information from users who got their contacts back. The catch is that some users tried these steps and their devices wouldn't even come back on. Getting your contacts back is better than the $100 gift card for most users.