Dell Adamo XPS gets more teaser images: 9.9mm thick notebook

Chris Davies - Oct 13, 2009, 2:01am CDT
Dell Adamo XPS gets more teaser images: 9.9mm thick notebook

What’s particularly frustrating about Dell’s ongoing teaser campaign for the Adamo XPS is that it’s not as though their new ultraportable would go short of attention with a regular launch: how many people – geeks or otherwise – would turn their noses up at a 9.9mm thick notebook?  Still, the latest trickle of information comes in the form of two new photos, showing the Adamo XPS’ unusual hinge and minimal port selection.

As you can see, the Adamo XPS’ hinge is pushed forward, meaning there’ll be some “junk in the trunk” to the ultraportable.  That’s similar to the design of the previous Adamo, though obviously this new model is even thinner.  You lose out on ports, however; from what we can see (there’s no telling what’s on the other side) you get a headphones socket, USB and power connector, and that’s pretty much it.

Dell insist that “because so many people who have had a sneak peek of Dell’s super thin Adamo XPS laptop seem to be falling in love with it,” that’s why they pushed out the photos. We’re calling a spade a spade and saying it’s a tired, measured promotional campaign, but then again we’re miserable cynics.


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