Dell Adamo XPS gets teased again, details as thin as its profile

You may remember last month when the numerical oddity that was 9-9-09 came rolling around, Dell teased us with a shot of the corner and profile for the Adamo XPS notebook. The machine was really thin, and that's about all we could glean from the teaser. Dell is back with more tease and no more information about the Adamo XPS today.Engadget has several new photos of the computer and the only thing that we can tell is that the little notebook is beyond thin. I'm talking it makes the MacBook Air look fat by comparison. The shots of the Dell PR schlep holding the machine up and marveling at the thin profile are all the details we get.

We still don't know what CPU is inside the machine, but it will have to be some sort of lower performance low-power job with a profile like that. I don't get why Dell and other computer makers like to tease so much, I wish they would just lay their cards on the table and tell us what we need to know about the machine. Honestly, I am wondering if maybe the rig they are teasing is merely a shell and they aren't sure what parts to put into the beast at this point. Perhaps we will hear more when Windows 7 goes live, this would be a nice flagship notebook for Microsoft to focus on for the Windows 7 launch.