Ray Fernandez

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oxford, D.L., FUNIBER
Space, Science, Technology
  • Ray is a content and communication specialist with more than 10 years of experience. He has written books, created documentaries, and worked as a copywriter, a journalist, and a correspondent.
  • His work has been published in OOSKA News, Bloomberg, Conservation International, Screen Rant, and Microsoft among other places.
  • Ray is also a Senior Copywriter for Wunderman Thompson.


Ray has been working in publishing for more than a decade. From space to science and tech, when humanity is involved he feels driven to report. Ray believes information can save lives, inspire, drive innovation, propose solutions, speed growth, catalyze change, be an instrument of knowledge, and foster humanity's most profound values.


Ray has a degree in Journalism from Oxford D.L. He also completed two post-graduate studies thanks to two scholarships from FUNIBER, earning Specialization degrees in Sciences and Environmental Management, and Oceanography and Marine Resources.
Stories By Ray Fernandez