Mercedes-AMG ONE Revealed As A 1,063 Horsepower Hybrid Hypercar With F1 Magic

The new Mercedes-AMG ONE takes sportscars over the top, bringing Formula 1 technology to the streets. This long-awaited vehicle was revealed on June 1, 2022, complete with an E Performance Formula 1-inspired hybrid engine, futuristic controls, and a unique set of design features both inside and out. 

The body of the Mercedes-AMG ONE is low and wide, with an aggressive front, and accentuated wheel arches. The model has fixed and active aerodynamic features that can change with the push of a button. Air intakes, fins, a sharp spoiler, and a two-piece retractable blade rear wing with an adjustable flap deploy in three different aerodynamic setups, "Highway", "Track", or "Race DRS" (Drag Reduction System). The butterfly-style doors open diagonally to the front and up.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE works with a performance hybrid drive that combines a 1.6-liter V6 hybrid petrol engine with assisted single-turbocharging with a total of four electric motors. "One has been integrated into the turbocharger, another has been installed directly on the combustion engine with a link to the crankcase and the two remaining motors drive the front wheels," Mercedez-Benz explains. 

With this unique set of hardware in play, the Mercedes-AMD ONE is able to produce a total output of 1063 hp (782 kW). However, while the max system output is 1063 hp (782 kW), the max output of the combustion engine is 574 hp in order for the vehicle to be street-legal. The Mercedes-AMG ONE has a top speed of around 219 mph (352 km/h) and can sprint from zero to 124.7 mph (200 km/h) in seven seconds.

Formula 1 soul inside

The company suggests that the Mercedes-AMG ONE delivers a history-making first with the only Formula 1 engine that has ever been approved for normal roads. The battery cell packs of the Mercedes-AMG ONE have 768 cells that deliver a combined 800 V with a peak power output of 400 kW. That´s the same as four F1 batteries combined. In the front, each wheel has its own motor-generator unit delivering speeds of almost 50,000 RPM.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE comes with 4MATIC+, a variable all-wheel drive system. The rear axle is driven by the hybrid gas engine, while the front is exclusively electrically powered. The sports car can also go into fully electric driving mode. The key to its high performance, Mercedes says, is the battery cooling, which sees coolant flow around all the battery cells so that it can cool each cell individually. The active and fixed aerodynamic features also increase air intake, helping contribute to keeping system temperatures down. 

A real Formula 1 interior

The Mercedes-AMG ONE interior is also F1-inspired, with added features that make this vehicle street-legal. There's a real-deal F1 steering wheel with a flat top and bottom and an array of controls and readings available to the driver, much like a track-ready F1 steering wheel would, and a pair of high-resolution 10-inch displays fitted into the instrument panel. There's a multimedia display mounted on the center console facing the driver, and the driver can switch between six drive programs: "Race Safe," "Race," "EV," "Race Plus," "Start 2," or "Individual" mode, complete with user-customized preferences.

Like many other racing-inspired supercars, the company suggests that the Mercedes-AMG ONE has a minimalist, "no styling" design approach. Each component in this vehicle's interior has a vital function. That's not to say the vehicle is as uncompromising as a track-ready racer, as this vehicle is — again — built for street driving. Unlike your average Formula 1 race car, the Mercedes-AMG ONE has air conditioning, electric windows, and airbag support. 

The aforementioned displays give the driver access to a full infotainment system, and the spot that'd normally house a rear-view mirror is taken by a display link to a back-facing MirrorCam.  

The public will get their first in-action view of this vehicle in the United Kingdom at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood in late June 2022.