The Daily Slash: November 29 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2010, 9:30pm CST
The Daily Slash: November 29 2010

Today was quite the day. On this day we had not only our A Week with NOOKcolor: 3rd Party Apps and Final Wrap-Up final verdict last chapter in our extended week of reviewing NOOKcolor, the folks over at XDA Developers rooted it! Can you believe it? Then Plantronics hosts a sweet gameface contest for fabulous prizes, and we’re knee-deep in columns: We Need To Talk by Philip Berne, Why Apple’s all-SSD, Light Peak MacBook Pro makes sense and In Search of Solder and a Sense of Achievement both by Chris Davies. All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!

Aw crap. Apparently Comcast Corporation has begun setting up a fee on Internet middleman responsible for delivering part of Netflix streaming video content, this company, named Level 3, is being charged by Comcast whenever customers request content. The amount they’re being charged isn’t apparent, but is also completely irrelevant, as they (and basically the rest of the sane internet) believe this situation to fall under Net Neutrality laws that aught, we all say, to have been enacted long ago. This vote appears to be scheduled for December 21st 2010, and will supposedly decide whether phone and cable providers should be allowed to interfere with legal traffic traveling through their networks. Some of the folks on the side OF Net Neutrality are: companies led by Google Inc., EBay Inc. and IAC/InterActiveCorp, President Barack Obama, most of the internet, and your humble narrator.

[Via Business Week]

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Android Community
Sprint 4G Now Available in 6 More Cities
LG Unveils Korea Only LU3000, faster than Galaxy S
Sony Ericsson rolling out Android update for Xperia X8 and X10
Fujifilm offers doctors new way to see x-rays and more from Android phones
Sharp Galapagos tablets due in Japan on December 10
Nexus S hits the FCC again, this time with new antennas
HTC G2 Free at Best Buy
Android Magazine banned from Apple App Store
Lockscreen Gestures coming to DROID via CyanogenMod
Install the Android Market on the Android Emulator
Further details released of Motorola Olympus and Etna devices
Gingerbread GRH47B Build Spotted
Ameri-Smartphone Moon over Japan – Sharp Corporation to Release Galapagos Android Devices
HTC Desire Z now available from Vodafone UK [Updated]
NOOKcolor Rooted! [WOO!]
New LG Star Pictures and Details Leaked
iControlPad Confirmed to Hold a List of Smartphones, Many of them Android Based – Release Date Q1 2011?
Acer CEO Speaks on Their Wait for Honeycomb, Google Chrome OS
Android Users Are Not Loyal to their OS, iPhone Users Are
AT&T states Motorola Olympus will launch in December/January via Facebook
Android on Track to Pass iOS and Symbian in Europe
Sharp IS03 get’s some Japanese air time with new Lady GaGa Promotion
Android Outselling Windows Phone 7 handsets 15 to 1
Root Google TV and Add Third-Party Apps, Get $1,000

Windows Phone 7 outsold by Android 15:1 in UK suggests retailer
ASUS Eee Note EA-800 hits Taiwan this week for $228; US debut in Q1 2011
Crazy gold watch plays music and costs $1.2M
OMG…Aliens Pulse Rifle replica from ThinkGeek is epic
Facebook Skype integration tips “Face me” video chat
AMOLED panel firms actively developing more capacity
SlashGear Cyber Monday Round Up [FEATURED]
Apple masses legal team ahead of Nokia patent showdown
Toshiba crams battery inside new TVs for viewing with no power
comScore says online spending on Black Friday hit $648 million
Ocosmos OSC1 Oak Trail tablet detailed: due Q1 2011
Samsung Super AMOLED production up 10x in 2011 as company posts record small display profit
Chinese Government directly responsible for Google-hack says WikiLeaks [WHAAAT?]
Microsoft physical touchscreen patent app tips dynamic Surface
iPhone 3GS & 3G get iOS 4.2.1 carrier unlock with new redsn0w tool
Why Apple’s all-SSD, Light Peak MacBook Pro makes sense [COLUMN]
Richard Branson vs Rupert Murdoch in iPad Magazine Wars Soon
In Search of Solder and a Sense of Achievement [COLUMN]
MacBook Pro refresh with SSD, Light Peak & no DVD in April 2011? [BIG FAT NEWS]
George W. Bush Visiting Facebook HQ [LIVE VIDEO]
iPad Magazine PROJECT to Launch Tomorrow with TRON Legacy Cover Story
TRON: Legacy Light Cycle USB Drives Light Up When Connected
A Week with NOOKcolor: 3rd Party Apps and Final Wrap-Up [FEATURED]
HTC HD7 for T-Mobile Suffering from Death Grip Syndrome [Video]
Woman Gets Ownership of the Sun Notarized
Plantronics Plans GAMEFACE Contest for Fabulous Prizes [FREE STUFF]
Jaguar C-X75 Features Four Electric Motors
Nintendo Sells 1.5 Million Consoles Over Black Friday Week
We Need To Talk [COLUMN]
Qriocity Music Bringing Unlimited Music to Sony’s PSP
No Windows Phone 7 App Hub royalties until Feb 2011 latest in developer woes
PC shipment growth downgraded over iPad popularity says Gartner
Windows Phone 7 private beta group app testing coming to Marketplace

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