AMOLED Panel Firms Actively Developing More Capacity

Some popular smartphones have seen shortages based on components and if those smartphones use AMOLED screens, that screen is often the main component that isn't available in enough capacity. There are several companies investing heavily in AMOLED manufacturing and the supply of panels will grow moving into 2011.

DigiTimes reports that makers in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are all actively developing the AMOLED online market with more capacity. Samsung Mobile Display is one of the firms that is building capacity and will account for 90% of the total AMOLED panel market in 2010. SMD is set to start building panels at its new 5.5G plan.

Taiwanese AMOLED makers like AU Optronics will take some of the current market share from SMD according to DigiTimes with AMOLED screens coming from pair of 3.5G factories and a 4.5G factory. AU Optronics may also move another of its 4G plants or even one of the 6G plants over to AMOLED production in the near future to increase production capacity. More capacity is a good thing since it means more screens, less shortages, and lower prices.