OMG…Aliens Pulse Rifle replica from ThinkGeek is epic

Shane McGlaun - Nov 29, 2010
OMG…Aliens Pulse Rifle replica from ThinkGeek is epic

Wow, I am totally scratching my entire holiday wish list for this thing. ThinkGeek has a replica of the pulse rifle up for sale that is so cool that geeks and sci-fi fans may seize up right now. I know what you are thinking, it is so cool it almost looks like one of those jokes ThinkGeek likes to play in and around April. I actually added the thing to my cart and didn’t get the usual haha, we tricked you note.

This replica is based on the actual prop of the M41-A pulse rifle from the flick and weighs 15 pounds. This is no plastic toy and all of the parts on the rifle actually work. Except for the obvious issue that it doesn’t fire pulse ammo at acid-blooded, chest popping aliens. It has the pump action underneath the barrel, a working bolt, and an LED read out on the side.

That read out keeps track of your ammo and gets power from a pair of AA batteries. Those batteries are changed by popping out the clip. This much epic will set you back $899.99. That’s not cheap at all, but awesome rarely is. It comes with a wall display rack that looks like the side of a Space Marine drop ship.

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