Facebook Skype integration tips "Face me" video chat

Facebook could be readying Skype integration, as the next step in their attempt to turn the social network into an all-inclusive messaging and communications system. Green Any Site spotted a new VideoChat object freshly added to Facebook's code [.js link], complete with several properties referring to Skype; they say the new functionality would allow Facebook users to video chat in-site or with other Skype users, or perhaps even link Skype and Facebook IDs.

The code seemingly checks for either ActiveX support in Internet Explorer, or the presence of the SkypeKit SDK. The latter is Skype's "headless" installation option, a way for software and hardware developers to use the underlying Skype video and audio call technology in their apps and devices without having to use the regular standalone Skype client and UI.

Interestingly, Skype recently introduced Facebook wall support in their latest release, Skype v5.0, pulling in the Facebook news feed along with allowing users to post updates, comment and like statuses.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced its own "modern messaging system" opening up Facebook messages as an email alternative to Gmail. More recently, the social network attempted to trademark the word "Face"; perhaps it's coincidental, but asking someone to "Face me" for a Skype-powered video chat sounds all very possible.