Richard Branson vs Rupert Murdoch in iPad Magazine Wars Soon

Chris Burns - Nov 27, 2010, 1:37pm CST
Richard Branson vs Rupert Murdoch in iPad Magazine Wars Soon

As you may be already aware, Richard Branson will soon (maybe as soon as next week) be launching an iPad-centric magazine by the name of “Project.” Richard Branson is affiliated with Virgin, while News Corporation “tycoon” Rupert Murdoch, at the same time, is hot on the path to making a daily newspaper with the same subject matter by the name of “The Daily.” This iPad newspaper is set to be “unveiled” next month and officially launched at the beginning of 2011. This newspaper will cost about $30 million USD to start, it employing a staff of about 100 journalists.

Murdoch might have a distinct advantage over Branson due to the fact that The Daily is being released in close collaboration with Steve Jobs himself, the publication being possibly “automatically” (pre-loaded?) dispatched to iPad or similar devices. This publication will have no print or online edition, it being sent out through devices including iPad exclusively. The Daily will cost 99 cents a week.

On the other hand, the Project publication being started up by Richard Branson will be headed by Branson’s 29-year-old daughter Holly and will be less about current affairs and more about entertainment, design, business, travel, and international culture. This magazine will have Anthony Noguera, former editor of Zoo, FHM, and Arena, acting as head editor.

Magazine vs Newspaper. I’d like to say I couldn’t imagine either one succeeding when there’s blogs around to bring this info much faster than a daily publication, but if either of these come pre-loaded onto the iPad or similar devices, there’s a very big possibility that either one could be massively successful.

[Via Guardian UK]

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