Windows Phone 7 Outsold By Android 15:1 In UK Suggests Retailer

With Microsoft still refusing to provide Windows Phone 7 sales figures, retailers are stepping in with their own anecdotal evidence about the new smartphone platform's market success – or lack of it. UK store deal aggregator MobilesPlease has announced that Windows Phone 7 has accounted for just 3-percent of their smartphone sales, with Android devices outselling WP7 handsets 15:1 and even Symbian doing a good job of eclipsing Microsoft.

In fact, the site reckons that Symbian devices outsold Windows Phone 7 handsets by 3:1, with the Nokia N8 predominantly responsible for those numbers – that's one device outselling a range of multiple WP7 devices from a variety of manufacturers. They also sourced some anecdotal feedback from other UK retailers, who reported that WP7 phones "are not selling" while demand for HTC, BlackBerry and iPhone remains strong.

Even more concerning, one Carphone Retailer store questioned apparently had no Windows Phone 7 devices on the sales floor, only conceding that they "might have one in the back." While the figures aren't at all scientific, they join a generally pessimistic response to the Microsoft launch.

[via Electronista]