The Daily Slash: December 3 2010

Chris Burns - Dec 3, 2010
The Daily Slash: December 3 2010

Wow what a freaking wild day – phones exploding, ‘Splosions being announced, and we get announced to a [Google Chrome event] for next week! This really gets me pumped up. Events are the best. There’s breakfast there. Also today we get our hands on a [ONA Union Street Camera and Messanger bag], review a [simplehuman sensor can] (for electronic garbage tossing!), and scream like little girls over the Android release of Pocket God. There’s a new smart gun announced for use by US troops in Afghanistan and KISS re-releases their epic coffin line (coincidence?) Philip Berne writes an epic take on [Hannukah and the Hobby Lobby], and NOOKcolor has an SDK released for developers.

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As this Wikileaks popularity surge unfolds, I for one would like to see at least everyone aware of how awesome certain elements of this story are. Of course, ideally it would be neat if everyone read all billion and a half pages of the leaked documents WikiLeaks has released so far, but you know good and well most of that stuff will end up being saved on people’s computers and never peeked at again. On the other hand, these meme-worthy details of the situations that are unfolding as WikiLeaks falls under scrutiny WILL be read. What’s neat today? The fact that now two of WikiLeaks servers are hosted by a group called Bahnhof. This Swedish internet carrier runs no less than a data center housed in an undeground, granite surrounded World War 2 era bunker in the downtown area of Stockholm. Bahnhof’s chief executive Jon Karlung aims to keep these servers open and up, no matter the international pressure to shut them down: “Swedish laws apply in Sweden. Only the proper authorities can shut this down. There have been no such claims, … We’re confident that we can continue to operate the servers.”

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R3 Media Network

Android Community
SPB TV v2.0 released: Free mobile TV with VoD
Samsung grabs US Android sales top-spot in Q3 2010
Dell Streak gets battery meter tweak
Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter for Android goes free for one day only
Samsung hit 1m Galaxy Tab sales early; predict 1.5m by end of year
Android Market gets new Similar tab for some users
GameString brings Warcraft to Android [WOW]
Best Buy offers free Android phones for Christmas
T-Mobile UK Responds to delayed Galaxy S 2.2 Update
Android Flash Player Updated
Logitech Revue Booted to Recovery Mode [HACKS!]
Motorola Droid 2 Reportedly Explodes, Injures Man [BLOOD]

Sony BRAVIA KDL22PX300 integrates PS2 and 720p HDTV
UFOs mentioned in WikiLeaks cables confirms Julian Assange
Txtr ereader reportedly erased
CLEAR Modem with WiFi wants to replace your DSL
Sony Ericsson LiveView [REVIEW]
Uranium soap glows radioactively
Japanese battery makes power from vibrations
GSLO applies to Apple MFi program for Peel 520
Professor in NYC installs camera in head
Orange offers cheap subsidized iPad
Speck offers new PixelSkin HD case for HTC HD7 smartphone [SUPER CUTE]
Prosecution in Xbox 360 modder case drops charges
Best Buy offers free Android phones just in time for Christmas
FTC testifies before Congress on Do Not Track list
Kaleidescape debuts Cinema One movie server
Google +1 social network now involving Sergey Brin?
Vonage offers users free calls to Santa for Christmas
Inventec HP webOS tablet & Oak Trail slates in Q1 2011; ASUS Core i5 tablet by end of year tipped
Google pays $1 compensation in Street View privacy case
WikiLeaks: Amazon denies government pressure; DNS yanked & servers moved to Switzerland
Parrot AR.Drone gets grounded in new teardown
mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 packs biggest battery so far
ONA Union Street Camera and Messenger Bag hands-on [FEATURED]
MS. ‘Splosion Man Set for Fall 2011
Chrome Event Announced by Google Team for Publishers [FOLLOW US LIVE DAY OF]
simplehuman sensor can [REVIEW]
KISS Coffin Re-Introduced via Eternal Image Inc [ROCK AND ROLL]
XM-25 Airburst Smart Gun Fielded on US Troops in Afghanistan
Rearview Cameras Required in All Cars by 2014, So Says USA Transportation Department
Rock Band Reloaded Announced by EA Games for iPhone and iPad
Pocket God App Available Now on Android, Soon for Windows Phone 7
NOOKcolor SDK for Developers Now Available [GO GO DEVELOPER MAGIC]
Twitter Power and the Hobby Lobby [COLUMN]
iFan Charges your iPhone Thanks to the Wind
DARPA’s Transformer Project Should be Finished by 2015
Apple Confirms no Trial Software or Demos in Mac App Store
Congress Passes the CALM Act, TV Advertisement Sound Soon to be Regulated
RedEye universal remote update adds universal browser support, new iPad app

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