Prosecution In Xbox 360 Modder Case Drops Charges

Like most geeks, I think that once I spend my money on something like a computer or a game console such as the Xbox 360, it is mine to do with as I wish. If I want to mod the thing, I should be allowed to do so. One modder of and Xbox 360 found himself in court over the modifications he made to the console.

The mods in question were allegedly made to allow the gamer to play pirated games and homebrew software. After the judge lectured the prosecution for half an hour earlier this week, the prosecuting legal team decided to drop the case against the modder. The modders name is Matthew Crippen.

Part of the lecture by the judge was to do with the fact that key evidence in the case was obtained by means that violated privacy laws in California. The key evidence were video tapes of Crippen modding Xbox consoles in his home and the tapes were recorded secretly. Crippen had faced up to ten years in prison.

Via After Dawn