Professor in NYC installs camera in head

A professor of photography from New York University has had a camera installed in the back of his head. This sounds much cooler than it really is. If I had a camera in the back of my head, I would want to be able to see what people behind me were doing. This camera just takes pics and then uploads them at an art exhibit called "The 3rd I."

The dude had the thumb size camera installed at a piercing shop and the camera is said to be about the size of a thumb. That plate on his head is larger than a thumb and appears to be a cover that the professor's school requires him to use when teaching to protect the privacy of his students.

The camera will take a photo every minute to show what his life is like for the next year. I hope the dude remembers to put on the cover when he drops the browns off at the super bowl. The images will be viewable at the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art when the exhibit opens on December 30.