CLEAR Modem with WiFi wants to replace your DSL

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2010, 7:34 am CST
CLEAR Modem with WiFi wants to replace your DSL

CLEAR has launched a new modem for use with its WiMAX service, though it’s targeted at home or small-office users rather than mobile mavens. The unimaginatively titled CLEAR Modem with WiFi is, as you can probably guess, a CLEAR WiMAX modem with an integrated WiFi b/g/n radio, for sharing the 4G connection with multiple users.

There’s also a single ethernet port for hooking up a wired computer, and a simple five LED signal strength gauge. What we’d really like to see is a WAN port for using the router with a cable/DSL modem, opening up the possibility of either coupling the bandwidth from two connections, or keeping the WiMAX as a fall-back should the hardline go down.

The CLEAR Modem with WiFi is available now, priced at $120 outright or $7 per month leased. It’s available with month-to-month or two-year agreements, with service plans starting at $35/month (plus tax); CLEAR Voice can be added for $15/month (plus tax).

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