Congress Passes The CALM Act, TV Advertisement Sound Soon To Be Regulated

There's probably been a few nights where you've been watching your favorite show, or just flipping through channels, and before you realize what's happening, your passed out. And then, without warning, a commercial comes on the air, and the volume is surprisingly louder than what you remember. It isn't your imagination, and you probably didn't roll over and hit the volume up button on your remote. It's a problem that many people have been clamoring about for some time now, and Congress has listened. They've officially passed the CALM Act, which is specifically meant to address the fact that some TV advertisements are way too loud.

Congress has officially passed the new bill this week. It's called the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act. However, despite the fact that Congress has passed the bill, it still needs one more step before it can be finalized, and actually put into use. At some point, if it's not already there, the bill will be sitting on President Obama's desk, waiting to get approved.

If the President of the United States does approve the CALM Act, then it would be up to the Federal Communications Commission to put into affect a set standard for volume level, based on the regular programming's volume level. All of this would have to be implemented within one year. And thankfully, the CALM Act includes not only Cable providers, but satellite as well.

[via MSNBC]