NOOKcolor SDK for Developers Now Available

So you were hangin around when they said "The next NOOK will be NOOKcolor!" and you were on the edge of your seat when they announced "Developer Support!" you're really gonna jump for joy now – NOOK SDK v1 is available for download RIGHT THIS INSTANT. All your developer doors are about to be opened. Get those idea bags open and make some reader-centric apps for Barnes and Noble to make their NOOKcolor the explosively reader-centric reading device they mean it to be!

Inside this SDK you'll find a Android Virtual Device (AVD) Emulator, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) configuration settings, Sample Code, and Documentation for NOOKcolor files and components. This SDK 1.0 Android add-on uses the Android SDK and AVD Manager to install. You can also take advantage of PDFs including Developing for NOOKcolor, Usability Basics for NOOKcolor, and Specifications for NOOKcolor. Find all of this at Barnes and Nobles Developer Hub.

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[Via AndroidCommunity]