DARPA’s Transformer Project Should be Finished by 2015

Evan Selleck - Dec 3, 2010, 11:32am CST
DARPA’s Transformer Project Should be Finished by 2015

The Transformer project, or TX, from DARPA has been moving forward in its development stages pretty steadily. It wasn’t too long ago that we first reported about the project, and at the end of September we told you that DARPA was one step closer to making the Transformer project the real deal. And now it looks like, thanks to some cost reports and design elements, the military may be getting their hands on a flying Humvee sooner than we ever believed.

If you’ll recall, the Transformer project has a lot of different scenarios for usage. One of the more unique ones, though, is the ability for the Humvee to work as a medical transport, with the ability to fly out of a dangerous situation at the drop of a hat. That means wounded soldiers on the ground, as long as they are near the Transformer, won’t have to wait for an incoming helicopter to evacuate.

A few more details about the driving and flying vehicle have emerged as well. For example, the Transformer will be able to move at a speed of about 65 mph, while it’s driving around. However, while it’s in the air, it will be able to reach speeds of 150 mph. The design calls for lightweight anti-blast armor, as well as ballistic-proof windows installed throughout. And, as you can imagine, the Transformer will indeed be outfitted with heavy weapons for defense, as well as offensive maneuvers.

But, the real motivator for the Transformer to take shape, and actually find its way to the battlefield, is the supposed cost. According to DARPA, the Transformer will only cost around $203,000 to construct. That’s about the same cost as any high-end supercar out there, so it doesn’t look like cost will keep the Transformer from seeing the light of day.

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