iFan Charges Your iPhone Thanks To The Wind

There are a couple of different options out there for someone to keep their iPhone, or other mobile device, charged, even if they aren't near a power outlet. While most of them focus on the power of the sun, the new iFan charger for the iPhone puts its attention on wind power. As of right now, the design is just a modification, and not actually a "ready for the market" device.

And, as for the user who created the Do-It-Yourself iFan iPhone charger, it's being reported that it took 6 hours to charge the iPhone fully. Sure, that's a lot longer than some people may expect, but given the correct situation, the iFan could be the perfect accessory for your iPhone. Especially if the user can get the charge time down, like it's suggested is possible. If the user can make the fan blades themselves more efficient, it's suggested that the overall time needed to charge the iPhone could be reduced pretty significantly.

[via UberGizmo]