SlashGear Week in Review – Week 50 2009

Shane McGlaun - Dec 13, 2009

Another week come and gone, time for a week in review so read along! It’s been a busy week (as always) with some cool stories you may have missed. We posted up our hands on review of the Barnes & Noble Nook last Sunday and it’s so cool. I want one of those so bad maybe I’ll break down and buy it if they ever get them in stock.

We learned that Acer is getting ready to launch some netbooks and nettops with NVIDIA Ion 2 power. I am sure we will hear more about the machines next month at CES. Intel axed plans for its Larrabee GPU after development delays hampered the project. I bet a party was going on over at NVIDIA when they heard.

Rumors that Amazon might be thinking about opening retail stores in the UK popped up early in the week. Naturally, Amazon won’t comment, but that would be interesting. Rumors started floating around that the DROID and HTC DROID Eris would be getting Android 2.1 updates on January 22.

That cool ZiiLABS Trinity smartphone platform turned up in a video demo showing off its 1080p video skills. This thing might make a cool smartphone when it hits the market. That ill fated and much anticipated CrunchPad was cancelled not long ago and the development partner Fusion Garage suddenly announced the JooJoo at $499 saying it would go on sale Friday.

AT&T unveiled an iPhone app this week called Mark the Spot with the goal of allowing iPhone users tell AT&T where the network was shoddy. I can sum it up without the app — pretty much everywhere. Projectiondesign whipped out the F35 projector with a massive 2560 x 1600 resolution. The projector is the first to offer that resolution and uses a TI DLP chip to do so.

That JooJoo tablet that will soon be embroiled in a legal battle landed in a hands on video. This thing is likely to be tied up in courts for a long time, if you want one you had better get is as soon as you can, I smell an injunction coming. Dell unveiled the Vostro V13 this week with the sexy Adamo style and profile at a much more affordable $450 price tag. The machine should prove very popular if the performance is decent.

The Acer Liquid A1 smartphone went on sale this week. The device is the first Snapdragon powered Android handset to launch and it reminds me more than a bit of my iPhone in its style. Radio Shack landed the Archos 5 8GB media tablet for $250. The thing is in stock for holiday delivery, or at least it was earlier this week.

The Motorola DROID and Acer Liquid A1 were both recipients of Android root this week. The root opens the door to more customization options for devs and users. The Qisda touchscreen router turned up this week in some FCC photos. The device sports YouTube and radio access.

Acer announced that its cool Ferrari One ultraportable was going on sale in the U.S. running a 1.2GHz Athlon processor. The machine has the Ferrari red color and prancing horse logo on the lid. Nuance unveiled Dragon Dictation for the iPhone and offered it for free. The app lets you speak your emails and texts.

Aluratek offered up a new eReader called the Libre eBook Reader Pro. It’s no Nook, but it’s cheap and available if you have your heart set on an eReader and don’t want the Kindle. We reviewed the Canon EOS 7D and found that it takes very good pictures and HD video.

An analyst this week claimed that the much rumored Apple Tablet was nearing mass production and was set for a February launch. How many times have we heard this same rumor now? The Motorola MILESTONE went on sale in the UK Thursday at retailer Expansys UK. The handset isn’t cheap at roughly $732 here in America.

I have fond memories of the early Nintendo Light Gun and shooting some ducks from my youth. Penguin offered up a new CrossFire Pistol for the Wii that might rekindle those memories even more for many of us. Two video unboxings of the Acer Liquid A1 turned up this week. The handset certainly looks cool.

Onkyo unveiled a new dual screen DX netbook this week with each screen sporting HD resolution the machine is even cheaper than the Kohjinsha DZ dual screen machine we have see so much of recently. A rumor tipped up this week from an insider who claims Foxconn is hard at work on a fourth gen iPhone. I wonder if the fourth gen device (assuming the rumor is true) will be for a network other than AT&T.

Game geeks are innovative for sure and one gamer has strapped a pico projector to a gun controller for some shooter action. It looks cool and I would like to try that out. The Logitech Squeezebox Touch has been postponed until February. The reason for the delay is unknown; Logitech only said it was an unexpected product delay.

Friday TechCrunch filed that suit we all expected against Fusion Garage over the JooJoo tablet. Obviously, the CrunchPad folks figure the JooJoo is a rip off of their failed CrunchPad. That’s it for this edition of the Week in Review, thanks for reading!

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