Dell Vostro V13 packs Adamo style, $450 price-tag

Dell's Adamo XPS is quite the machine, but it also has an eye-watering price.  Happily the company have decided to borrow some of the Adamo style for a more entry-level model, in the shape of the new Dell Vostro V13.  A 13.3-inch ultraportable measuring 0.65-inches thick and tipping the scales at under 3.5lbs, the Vostro V13 offers a choice of Intel CULV processors and kicks off at a frankly hard-to-believe $450.Video demo after the cut

Processor choices start from a 1.2GHz Celeron and rise through a 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo or 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo, and graphics are courtesy of the X4500MHD chip.  While it's a little thicker than the Adamos that went before it, that does mean you won't be searching for useful ports in vain: the Vostro V13 has ethernet, USB, eSATA, audio in/out, an SD card slot and an ExpressCard slot, arguably making it more useful for the everyday business traveller.

All this news comes from Dell Singapore, who have jumped the collective corporate gun slightly in revealing the Vostro V13's specifications.  We'll hopefully have full pricing and details when Dell US wake up to the fact that their $450 secret is out of the bag.


[via Engadget]