Archos 5 8GB arrives at RadioShack for $250

While the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet has been available for a few months now, so far it's only been on sale in the larger SSD and HDD versions.  Now RadioShack have launched the 8GB SSD Archos 5, currently an exclusive at the retailer and priced at $249.99.

That's considerably cheaper than the Archos 5 32GB which Amazon currently offer for $379.99.  Since the touchscreen PMP and web-surfing tablet has a microSD card slot, you could feasibly push in a 16GB card and take the internal storage up to 24GB should you be particularly keen on memory.

Otherwise the functionality is the same, which means you get WiFi b/g and pretty broad video/audio codec support, together with a WebKit-based browser and Bluetooth.  Although in its untampered form the Archos 5 only has access to the company's own application store, a recent hack has added the regular Android Market together with the usual Google Android applications to the MID.

[via Android Community]