Qisda touchscreen router with YouTube & radio crosses FCC

Chris Davies - Dec 9, 2009
Qisda touchscreen router with YouTube & radio crosses FCC

Bless the FCC for giving us sneak previews of upcoming devices; today’s unusual product is why we love it so.  Apparently the work of Qisda, this multimedia router has an egg-like casing and a small color touchscreen, along with stereo speakers – in a sort of Sony Rolly arrangement, though with less dancing – and WiFi 802.11n.  Around the back you only get one 10/100 ethernet port alongside the WAN connection, but there’s a USB port that lets you plug in a 3G modem and get online via a cellular network instead.

Thanks to the touchscreen you can watch YouTube videos, listen to internet radio and more, as well as use the MZK-DWPR (we’re hoping it gets a better production name) as a digital photo frame.  There’s also an FM radio and some unspecified internal storage for local media playback; however Qisda seem to have omitted DLNA or UPnP streaming support, so you’ll have to hook up the router to your computer (via the miniUSB port) and transfer some files across first.

More details in the user manual, also over on the FCC’s site, together with some more photos.  Adding a display to a router isn’t new – we reviewed the D-Link DIR-685 back in July, though that lacks a touchscreen and speakers – but we quite like the Qisda’s form-factor.  Hopefully it won’t be priced out of contention whenever it finally launches.


[via Engadget]

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