Aluratek Libre eBook Reader PRO breaks cover

The eReader market is hot right now with products like the Nook and Sony eReaders sold out. The only real option for most shoppers looking to give an eReader this year is the Kindle. Aluratek has announced a new eReader called the Libre eBook Reader Pro that is available for the shopper on a budget.

The eReader ships with a 2GB SD card with 100 books pre-loaded and supports SDHC cards up to 32GB. The reader promises 24 hours of continuous run time per charge thanks to exclusive screen tech.

The black and white LCD the device uses is a 5-inch unit and is a Reflective Light LCD with no backlight. That allows the battery to last much longer. The reader supports Adobe Digital Edition software and DRM. Formats supported include Adobe DRM, ePUB, PDF, FB2, TXT, Mobi, PRC and RTF formats. MP3s are also supported and the device is available now in black or white for $179.