Acer Liquid A1 gets twin video unboxings

Chris Davies - Dec 10, 2009, 3:54 am CST
Acer Liquid A1 gets twin video unboxings

How many unboxing videos of the Acer Liquid A1 would you like?  If the answer is “two”, keep reading my friend; if the answer is “three” then you’re far too greedy, frankly.  The company’s first Android smartphone began shipping earlier this week, and so the first of the unboxing videos have popped up from contented new owners.

Video unboxings after the cut

Since we’ve grown far too used to boring white boxes, it’s actually quite nice to see some well-designed packaging that wouldn’t look out of place on retail shelving.  The bottom section – with the accessories and paperwork – hinges out sideways, with a magnet to hold things together.

We still reckon the Liquid A1 is a bit of a chub, but first-impressions from these owners are high and there’s everything you’d expect – charger, 2GB microSD card, SD card adapter – bundled with it along with a useful screen protector.  The phone is currently priced at around £330 ($537) in the UK.

[via Acer Liquid Blog]

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