AT&T Mark the Spot iPhone app invites network complaints

Complaints about AT&T's network are heard almost as frequently as praise for the iPhone, and so it seems almost surprising that the carrier has taken this long to push out an error-reporting tool for the Apple smartphone.  AT&T Mark the Spot – available as a free download from the iTunes store [iTunes link; US only] – uses GPS to track down the iPhone users' position and then allows them to choose from a number of problems encountered.

Those problems can include a dropped call, failed call, lack of coverage, data failure or poor voice quality, and the user can also indicate whether the issue has happened once, seldom, often or always.  An "additional info" option allows for longer issue descriptions.  We're guessing that the feedback report is then saved until a working connection is established.

What AT&T haven't said is exactly what they will be doing with the feedback, nor whether users will receive any updates on their complaints.  While we applaud their attempts to pinpoint areas where users are most frustrated, we'd also like to know whether they'll then act to address the problem.  Otherwise this seems like just another place iPhone users can complain into pretty much a vacuum, and isn't that what the internet is for?

[via BGR]