Caleb Clark

Indiana State University
Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Video Games
  • Caleb Clark is a freelance writer who has covered the tech industry for nearly a decade.
  • With extensive smartphone experience for both Android and iOS, Caleb has written everything from how-tos to in-depth reviews on mobile devices.
  • As a general tech enthusiast, Caleb has his eye on the larger trends of the tech industry and how each aspect of it works with and against one another.


Caleb Clark has a passion for all things tech. He is particularly interested in the smartphone and tablet markets, as well as the development of ARM for PCs, and has written on everything from mobile apps/games to the latest computer components. His work has appeared on Digital Trends, Android Police, and others.


Caleb attended Indiana State University and studied Theatre. Caleb focused mostly on the technical side (lights, sound, video), and in doing so learned a lot about quality audio, CPU performance, and a myriad of other things that relate to computer performance.
Stories By Caleb Clark