The 10 Best iPhone MagSafe Wallets: Carry Less With More Style

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MagSafe was one of the coolest features introduced on the iPhone 12. This magnetic connection made wireless charging much more convenient, and it introduced a whole new line of accessories for the iPhone. One of those accessory lines was the MagSafe wallet, a slim wallet that snapped to your iPhone and held a few essential cards.

While it seemed a bit gimmicky upon release, MagSafe wallets have proved remarkably handy, and they are an excellent accessory for any Apple enthusiast. Apple isn't the only company that makes MagSafe wallets, either. You can get one from a number of third-party vendors.

The best MagSafe wallets cover the gamut from luxury choices to rugged security options. There is a MagSafe option for everyone, whether you are looking for a slim solution to easily slide into your pocket or something to express your personality.

How we chose

SlashGear considered a number of factors when deciding which MagSafe wallets were the best. Form factor was a major consideration because most users don't want anything too bulky or that would add to the overall profile of the device. Options with strong magnets for the most secure connection performed well. The last thing considered was user reviews, in order to help find options that were universally enjoyed by customers, and the top-ranked options have consistently praised features in those reviews.

While price wasn't necessarily factored in, most options on this list are at least relatively affordable. Most hover around $30 to $40, and they are still the best you can get. Paying beyond that for an accessory like this is overkill. Lastly, we looked at unique functions. Many of the options on this list have a unique feature that makes it ideal for a certain type of user. So there's more than likely an option on this list that's perfectly suited to your needs. If you're looking for more MagSafe accessories, there are several great options

Best first-party option - Apple Leather Wallet

If you want to get one of the best MagSafe wallets, it makes sense to go directly to the source. Apple's first-party accessories (like the MagSafe Battery) are typically among the best available for its products, and that's still the case with the Apple Leather MagSafe wallet.

The wallet is made from premium European leather, and it's large enough to hold 2-3 cards, just enough for an ID and a couple payment options for a night out. You can get the wallet in Black, Saddle Brown, and a yellow-orange California Poppy. The magnets in this case are also strong enough to use through a silicone case with MagSafe. You can get the Apple Leather Wallet on Amazon right now for $62.

Most functional MagSafe option - PopSocket MagSafe Wallet

PopSocket has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years thanks to the company's eye-catching and functional grip accessories. The company makes a PopSocket MagSafe wallet, so you get the best of both worlds with a comfortable grip and convenient card storage. The PopSocket also doubles as a kickstand for conveniently propping up your phone.

The magnets on this one are very strong, and some users claim the magnets are even better than Apple's. Users can swap out the PopTop for any they like for a more personalized touch. You can get the PopSocket MagSafe wallet on Amazon for $39.

Best for security - Pelican Shield

If you want to protect your card data, the Pelican Shield RFID MagSafe Wallet is the strongest option. As an RFID-blocking device, it will protect your card data from being skimmed (at least while it's in the wallet). The Pelican Shield also has a rugged and durable design.

Rather than keeping the cards in a sleeve, the Pelican Shield has a compartment to hold cards, cash, and even your car keys. It's a bit more expensive than some of the other options, as the Pelican Shield costs $80 on Amazon. However, for maximum security, this is your best bet.

Best for durability - Peak Design Mobile Wallet

Peak Design is most well-known for its high-end travel gear, but the company also has a few other accessories including the Peak Design Mobile Wallet. The wallet is unique because of its premium nylon material. There are two options, a slightly thicker one that flips out into a stand and a slimmer option that just sticks to the back.

As a premium brand, the Peak Design Mobile Wallet is a bit more expensive at $60, but you are getting a great-looking accessory that also functions as a case. The only downside is the wallet is only compatible with the Peak Design case or with a universal adapter.

Best for carrying cash - Otterbox Detachable Wallet

The MagSafe Wallet concept is great for convenience and it reduces the number of items you are likely to leave behind. However, most of the wallets don't have enough space to carry any cash. That's where the Otterbox Detachable Wallet has you covered. This option has enough room for two cards and a side pocket for some cash.

It's made of synthetic leather, so it doesn't look or feel quite as nice as some other options. The magnets are also not the strongest, so the wallet may wiggle around if you have a case on the phone. However, for just $39 on Amazon, the Otterbox Detachable Wallet is a great option if you need to carry cash, too.

Best ultra-slim option - Spigen SmartFold Wallet

For all their benefits, the problem with MagSafe wallets is that make your device thicker. If you like the idea of a magnetic wallet but still want to keep the device profile to a minimum, the Spigen SmartFold is the best option for you.

The Spigen SmartFold can only hold two cards, but that tradeoff gets you a remarkably slim wallet that secures nicely to the back of your device. It even folds out into a little stand for added convenience. Currently on Amazon for $29, the Spigen SmartFold is the best ultra-slim option you can get.

Best magnets - ESR MagSafe Wallet (HaloLock)

There are a lot of things to like about the ESR MagSafe HaloLock Wallet. For one, it has a nice leather design and can hold up to three cards. It also folds out to make a nice little stand for your phone.

The best thing about the HaloLock wallet, though, is how strong the magnets are. The company reports that the magnets are 20% stronger than other brands, and user reports confirm they are, indeed, very solid. If you're looking for the best connection possible, you'll want to spend the $29 on Amazon for the ESR HaloLock.

Best wallet/stand combo - MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand

MagSafe wallets already have a convenient purpose, but the best ones offer a dual function like turning into a stand. The MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand is the best one you can get for just that reason.

While most wallet/stand combos create a kickstand for portrait mode, the MOFT can actually be used in portrait or landscape mode, which makes it a great option if you use your phone to watch a lot of videos. You can also use it in a floating mode that holds the phone off the surface. The MOFT MagSafe Wallet costs $29 on Amazon and comes in a variety of colors.

Best for personalization - Casetify MagSafe Wallets

MagSafe wallets very often look a lot alike, which isn't great if you like to use your phone to show off your personality. That's where Casetify and its fun MagSafe wallets come in. Casetify has a lot of unique and quirky art designs for its wallets, and you can even get wallets with logos and artwork from your favorite IPs like Marvel, Disney, and more. All of Casetify's wallets are made of high-quality vegan leather and you can get them in several different colors. 

Casetify MagSafe Wallets start at $42 and go up from there, depending on your personalization options.

Best case/wallet combo - Bellroy Modcase+Wallet

If you don't want the hassle of finding a MagSafe wallet that works with your case, a case/wallet combo is your best bet. For the best performance, ensure you get the best magnetic hold and the most aesthetically pleasing look — something that not all options offer.

The Bellroy Modcase+Wallet fits this bill perfectly, with a premium design and extra security. The wallet part of the combo has a magnetic trap door that easily snaps open and shut to keep your cards safe and secure. The wallet fits three cards and snaps securely in place on the case itself. The Bellroy Modcase+Wallet costs $60 on Amazon, which is more than many MagSafe wallets, but you are getting the case and the wallet, so you may end up saving money, as well.