The Daily Slash: October 20th 2010

Chris Burns - Oct 20, 2010, 9:56 pm CDT
The Daily Slash: October 20th 2010

Welcome to one giant jungle cat of a Daily Slash, so wild and crazy I keep calling it the daily Slasher in my head. Two giant bits of news hit at once: the Back to the Mac event and the release of Windows Phone 7 handsets (hint: we’ve got three of em to look at!) Plus a whole torrent of other wonderful and fabulous bits of news that’d otherwise be big but was sort of CRUSHED by those two big guns. Shall we? Let’s begin!

R3 Media Network

First thing in the morning, we find out that KDDI has a 16 megapixel Cybershot, wowzers, that’s giant. Next, woops, BlackBerry Storm 3 is spotted in Verizon’s inventory system. Finally, Notion Ink opened early registration for those wishing to develop Android apps for the device, T-Mobile G2 is now available on Amazong for around $80 bucks, and Verizon sets a November 11 release date for four giants, DROID Pro, Droid 2 Global, Palm Pre 2, and CITRUS.

Android Community
A November 3rd release date for the HTC Desire Z is the first thing we find this morning from Bell Wireless. Verizon pulls a punch by releasing a 3G network extender today. T-Mobile TV is extracted from a MyTouch 4G ROM available for download now, while Lenovo confirms no tablet plans until Honeycomb, and Amazon UK has a price adjustment for Galaxy Tab, while the O2 version drops on November 1st, and the US version drops sometime in November for $600. Sprint gets in on health patient Remote Monitoring for Android, while the greatest brand name in the world Cooler Master unveils an external smartphone battery. Sony Ericsson bribes their customers with Happiness, while Synapse One allows you to have the Android you’ve always wanted. Access your NAS with QNAP QMobile, get your LG ENV Touch Pro on November 11th, and be an excellent mother by going TAB. Hack the road as HTC and TOMTOM team up, hack the levels on Angry Birds, and get ready to fling those birds at sports stars as EA aquires Chillingo. Android is almost the king of ads, while the UK gets ready for some yummy Froyo update. Hook up with GoogleTV NOW with the Logitech Revue at Best Buy, watch the cutest little Android ad video for the Galaxy Player, get the Motorola Defy on November 3rd, Cut the Rope with Zeptolab’s Android version of Cut the Rope, and pose for candid Liquid Metal. Get yer YouTube for Android, Overclock you some G2 up to 1.42 GHZ, and watch an episode of Fringe to see a little sneak of a phone – that devious EVO 4G! Finally, the most serious of all newses, get your collectors case open and toss in another terror, here’s the Dead Zebra Vampire Android Toy.

Good god that’s a lot of stuff already. And we’re only just started with the really good stuff! Before all the Mac goodness, there was a bit of badness: RIM CEO blasts Apple. Check out a 360 degree car camera system, buy an expensive Asus Eee Top, spot an iPhone prototype, and unclog thy wireless comm. Get poisoned with Patriot Viper Xtreme RAM, get a bit’a fallout from Muschkin Radioactive RAM, open a Windows 7 tablet with Onkyo, get sharp with Razer Starcraft II gaming gear, and get a mic’d set of earphones from V-Moda. Epson ships nice white PowerLite 1700 projectors, Barnes & Noble announces launch of NOOKstudy, and the smallest video recorder in the world is just a tiny CamBall. There’s a rugged phone in Asia that is Very kool, an app for iPad that allows you to Etch a Sketch, and tiny chassis for a Blu-ray/HDD DVR by Panasonic. For TVs and Phones Samsung plans on a single platform, there’s LEDs everywhere including shower heads, and Sony has a remote control for kids. Shipping is November 10 for Boxee Box, Nokia C7 hides a chip, and the APP STORE IS DOWN?!

Back to the Mac event on SlashGear
Oh my goodness that must mean the Apple Back to the Mac event is about to start! Joy! For a more in-depth look at how this info is separated, take a look over at the Rundown, otherwise, check the list: iLife ’11, iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11, GarageBand ’11, FaceTime for Desktop and Laptop, OS X 10.7 Lion, solo App Store, Mission Control, 13.3″ MacBook Air, 11.6″ MacBook Air, and we’ve got both a hands on, and an unboxing for you too, plus a lovely analysis of the whole event.

Windows Phone 7 Release on SlashGear
Then there’s a slight slew of enjoyable bits about the Windows Phone 7 release! First there’s a fat informational post about the future of Xbox live and how your games and characters will be popping up on your Windows 7 Phone and New Zealand is the place you’d have had to be if you wanted to attain the status of First Dude in the Entire World to Buy a Windows Phone 7 Handset. Then we’ve got three fantastical phone reviews including the HTC 7 Surround, the Samsung Focus, and the HTC 7 Mozart.

And that’s basically a day in the life of a team of people who are utterly, uniquivicably, irreversably obsessed with technology. To see more Daily Slash posts, click here: [The Daily SLASH!]

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