Light Series Shower Heads Feature Embedded LEDs

Evan Selleck - Oct 20, 2010, 1:50pm CDT
Light Series Shower Heads Feature Embedded LEDs

If you’re busy upgrading everything else in your home, you won’t want to forget the head of your shower. While it may not be the most important thing in your home, it’s certainly not the least important. These new designs from Danilo Fedeli are a few options made available in his Light series. Unfortunately, they’re just a concept design for now, but we could see these getting picked up by someone in the future.

The design isn’t necessarily straight forward, which is a good thing for the shower heads. You can choose from an oval shape, to a rectangle, to even a square head. And, as you might have guessed, each shower head comes with a variety of LEDs embedded into the frame of the head. You can choose different colors to match your mood, from white to pink, to blue.

As for the water part, the shower heads feature the ability to let water fall in a cascading effect, or a tropical rain effect. The design, from the way the heads release water to the colors that will fill your shower, is meant to clam you down to your core, so you’ll hopefully have a good day.

[via BornRich]

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