Apple iPhoto 11 Unveiled, Features New Slideshow Themes and More

Evan Selleck - Oct 20, 2010, 11:23am CDT
Apple iPhoto 11 Unveiled, Features New Slideshow Themes and More

While Apple is on a roll with officially announcing their next iteration of iLife, one piece of software that people are looking forward to is the next version of iPhoto. The new version has plenty of features, as well as plenty of improvements to the features available in previous versions. There’s new slideshow themes included in the package, but one notable feature is the easy way to email photos.

Interestingly enough, the iPhoto software kind of looks like an iPad application, especially when you implement the fullscreen mode. It looks clean and crisp, and the navigation is simple. You can click on a face in an image, and you’ll be provided with a fullscreen faces view. And, to make that better, there’s a new fullscreen places view as well. The software will also tag the locations you’ve visited, and you can use the software to look at pushpins on a digital map to show off where you’ve been, and where you’ve snapped photos.

You’ll also be able to pull down photos from Flickr as well. The Album View is similar to the one you’ll find on the iPad, which is no surprise at all. Slideshows include templates, too, so if you’re in the festive spirit, you can probably find one to suit your needs. And finally, emailing photos has never been easier. You just need to select your photos, select share, and then choose where you want them to go. It’s that easy, and you can do it all from right inside the software. Stay tuned, as more details are still coming.

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