Apple GarageBand 11 Announced with Flex Time and Groove Matching

Evan Selleck - Oct 20, 2010, 11:46am CDT
Apple GarageBand 11 Announced with Flex Time and Groove Matching

As Apple continues the onslaught of announcements, the next upgraded feature of iLife 11 is GarageBand. The music tool has seen a few revisions over the years, and plenty of musicians out there claim that it’s the best way to splice together some amazing music, quickly. Jobs and company have announced the new version, bringing new features along for the ride. Including Flex Time, which is a new way to fix the timing of your music.

The new GarageBand will also feature more effects to include, as well as new piano and guitar lessons. Xander Soren stepped out on stage to do a little demo of the new GarageBand, showcasing a new way to interact with your music, and make new alterations to it. The new interface is a bit more streamlined, and looks cleaner overall, if not a little reminiscent of the previous version. However, you can expect GarageBand 11 to make groove corrections on its own, which should make the overall process a bit easier. Basically, GarageBand will fix your music for you. Apple is calling it AutoTune.

Other features include Groove Matching, which will work in conjunction with AutoTune to make your music sound better. As for the lessons, they do exactly what you imagine they would, but we can’t help but wonder why you’d need lessons when you’ve got AutoTune and Groove Matching. Stay tuned, as details are still developing.

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