Xbox LIVE Extras and Games Preview – Plus Windows Phone 7 Integration

Chris Burns - Oct 20, 2010, 5:01pm CDT
Xbox LIVE Extras and Games Preview – Plus Windows Phone 7 Integration

We’ve just received some very exciting words about the future of the Xbox including news on xBox Live, including Avatars, Friends, Achievements, and Messaging, as well as updates on Marketplace and some new games. First of all, right out of the box you’re going to be able to link your existing Xbox LIVE account, or make a new one, and have a boatload of fun with features loaded directly into the Games Hub including your Avatar, Gamerscore, and Gamgertag. For those with a deeper need to plug themselves into the experience, Windows Phone will be offering a free, one-time download called XBox Live Extras!

The Xbox LIVE Extras for Windows Phone are wild. With it, you can grip even harder to your Games Hub with Avatars, Friends, Achievements, and Messaging. Avatars take your 3D character and props with you to the phone with full closet access (kinky!) Your Xbox friends activities and status updates will be available, no matter if they’re on their console, PC, or phone. You can compare achievements instantly, and communicate with anyone on your friends list through Xbox LIVE text messages.

The Marketplace is similar to the one on the Xbox 360 as Windows Phone 7 owners will receive lovely content on a weekly basis post launch. Three new Xbox LIVE titles will be released each week with prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99, all of them with the full set of Xbox LIVE integrations on such features as Achievements, leaderboards, and more. Many titles will have content exclusive to Windows Phone 7, and there’ll of course be such promotions as “Deals of the Week” and more.

And now what you’ve been waiting for of course, a list of some GAMES that’ll be blowing off their meathooks soon. Many games will be available at both the European launch later this week and the US launch on November 8, and more will be launching each week. There’ll also be the puzzle game “ilomilo” with’ll be available exclusively to all AT&T users through the end of the year absolutely free. At this very moment on the Marketplace there is to be found seven Xbox LIVE games ready to review by you, and on October 21 all of these titles – and more – will be downloadable in European markets, coming then to Windows Phone 7 for the US launch on November 8.

“Hexic Rush” is a new version of the classic Hexic game, this time designed to be speed-based and available for Windows Phone 7. “Flowerz” is a gardening based game where you’ll be able to plant a bunch of nice flowerz, plant them in a row, plant them to look nice in bushels, and keep them nice for big scores or just a leisurely escapade. “Twin Blades” is a wild shooter game set in medieval times utilizing manga-like illustrations and graphics. Run with a nun to defeat evil and the greater armies of zombies across multiple environments such as a city market, cemetary, a chapel in ruins, and the cities outskirts – buy new skills and powers, upgrade yourself as you progress toward total obliteration of the living dead.

“Bejeweled LIVE” should almost certainly be a best seller as its other versions are already played by over 500 million people with over 50 million copies sold to date. Swap gems to make sets, match gems to make them disappear – you know the drill. “Star Wars: Battle for Hoth” is one of the most epic battles in the history of the galaxy, snowbound. This is a strategy based game where you place soldiers, ion cannons and other powerful items to defend yourself against the invading Imperial forces. “Rocket Riot” places you in the boots of a bazooka-wielding soldier on the way toward total glory as you blast the strangest adversaries you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s a highly stylized eight-bit era game in a completely destructible environment with power-ups, burrowing, and a regenerating map. Fun on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Windows Phone 7.

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