Apple FaceTime For The Desktop And Laptop Announced, Beta Available Today

Apple announces FaceTime, the first video calling on mobile devices. 19 million Facetime devices shipped in the first 4 months they've been out. Not only can you use FaceTime on these mobile devices now, you can use them on your laptop or desktop. Fullscreen or tiny screen, Steve Jobs is so excited about it he demos it himself. He speaks with Phil Schiller, who spoke earlier in the presentation. He's on an iPhone 4, while Steve is on an iMac. Easily switching between landscape and portrait, it seems supremely easy to use. Clarity and simplicity.

You open up FaceTime, and you can download a Beta of it today. 10 million people are using it and now everyone else in the world can too. Hotness!

Update: You can download the new beta now, from