The Daily Slash: December 2 2010

Chris Burns - Dec 2, 2010
The Daily Slash: December 2 2010

NASA basically stole the show today, and rightly so, as geobiologist Felisa Wolfe-Simon announced that she and her team had discovered a form of life that existed outside our known spectrum of living beings. Our very definition of life has just expanded. After that, it’s just Light Peak this, 4G LTE that, a floating cellphone over there, life-size 3D holographics over there, oh and ANGRY BIRDS SEASONS is now in the Apple app store! And we got an Advent Vega tablet to look at! Hooray!

I’ll just leave this here and you tell me what you think about it. This is a quote from a spokesperson from the BPI (essentially England’s music industry, similar to USA’s RIAA) responding to Google’s recent tweaks to its search service like removing words associated with piracy from appearing on autocomplete: “It is encouraging that Google is beginning to respond to our calls to act more responsibly with regard to illegal content, … However, this package of measures, while welcome, still ignores the heart of the problem – that Google search overwhelmingly directs consumers looking for music and other digital entertainment to illegal sites” – these words basically repeated by Richard Mollet of the Publishers Association: “We hope that the measures announced today take effect quickly and that Google could then consider going further, so that illegal sites don’t appear in general free search results.”

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R3 Media Network

Google Planning on Their Own online eBook Store
PSP Phone Spotted in Greece [caught on video]

Android Community
Pocket God hits Android, has issues
Speck launches new cases for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S
Spotify for Android update suits tablets, speeds performance
Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Initial Impressions
Business Insider Ranks Google TV and Nexus One Among Top 15 Biggest Tech Flops of 2010
Google Doodles Now Available on Mobile Devices
Android Flash Player Updated
Galaxy S Android 2.2 Delay Addressed by T-Mobile – Maybe Due Next Week?
NOOKcolor Receives Full Teardown
Android 2.3 Gingerbread User Interface Demonstration [in Cantonese] [GINGERBREAD YAY]

Malcolm Fontier outs iMojito hybrid iPhone case and wallet
Verizon 4G LTE contract-free options confirmed
NASA find new lifeform: arsenic microbe widens likelihood of extraterrestrial life [BIGGEST NEWS EVER, EVER]
OnLive PlayPack $9.99 flat-rate gaming plan debuts as MicroConsoles ship
iPad bests Galaxy Tab in perceived value; neither live up to RRP
RIM adds The Astonishing Tribe to its team
Apple TV HD movie streaming delays frustrating owners
Samsung develops highest density LPDDR2 DRAM in industry for mobile devices
HTC watching tablet market and will focus on Android rather than Windows Phone 7 for now
ThinkGeek ships uber geeky Electronic Music Synthesizer shirt
XIM3 gadget breaks cover to let you bring other controller types to your Xbox 360
PeeWee launches new PeeWee Power 2.0 laptop for kids
Sanus outs new basic TV stands and no-drill TV mount
Amazon yank WikiLeaks hosting amid first-amendment furore [FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU]
Motorola wireless STB streamer due at CES 2011 to take on Slingbox [Updated]
Apple 3D patent details glasses-free display
UK to lead in 4G LTE roll-out, regulator Ofcom predicts
Advent Vega tablet back on sale [Update: all gone!]
Apple fiber-optic MagSafe cable patent tips potential Light Peak support
Fifty Percent of Xbox LIVE Users Are Gold Subscribers, So Says Microsoft
Wii Speak Phased Out by Nintendo …Maybe
New Right-Click Menu item for YouTube Allows Instant Time Link
NASA: The Definition of Life Has Just Expanded [A WHOLE NEW WORLD]
Concept Design Shows Smartphone Floating in Mid-Air to Charge Battery
Sony Aims for Life-Size 3D Holographics by 2022
Just admit it: We all want bigger HDTVs [COLUMN]
Logitech Revue Promoted by Kevin Bacon’s Biggest Fan
Apple Patent Application Suggests Pop-Up Radial Menus Could be Included in iOS 5
Angry Birds Seasons Expansion Now Available in Apple App Store [WEEE]
Advent Vega unboxing & hands-on [Video] [FEATURED]
4G Motorola devices in early 2011; tablets imminent & Verizon iPhone tipped for Q1

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