Sony Aims for Life-Size 3D Holographics by 2022

Evan Selleck - Dec 2, 2010
Sony Aims for Life-Size 3D Holographics by 2022

While the World Cup 2022 bidding may be officially over as of the time of this writing (FIFA has announced that the 2022 tournament will be held in Qatar), that doesn’t make Japan’s bid for the tournament any less noteworthy. The country, with some major help from Sony, wasn’t just aiming to make Japan the host country for the tournament in 2022, but to actually have countries all over the world host it together, thanks to life-sized holographics, and giant screens that would be placed in stadiums all over the globe.

Japan proposed this to FIFA: to pave 400 stadiums around the world with 3D flatscreen 3D TV displays. Then, as games take place, Sony’s technology would allow for the 3D TVs to display the games in real-time, all over the world. So, if you actually couldn’t make it to any of the games of your choice, you could simply go to a stadium near you, and enjoy the action in real time, in in-depth 3D.

Bid Committee Chief Executive for Japan’s 2022 bid, Kohzo Tashima had this to say about the project: “Three hundred and sixty million people could have a full stadium experience of matches; that’s over 100 times the number of spectators at the 1994 World Cup in the United States,”

Of course, this seems like science fiction, more than anything else. However, Sony’s boss Howard Stringer said that this is anything but, and that the idea from Sony and Japan is as realistic as the company’s plans to launch the Walkman portable music player, or any one of their gadgets they’ve released over the years. Unfortunately, we now know that Japan didn’t win the bid for 2022, so now we just have to hope that Sony keeps this idea moving forward, and we still get to see the results in 2022.

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