Malcolm Fontier Outs iMojito Hybrid iPhone Case And Wallet

Apple, if you believe the rumors, are looking for a way to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet; until then, we'll have to struggle through with traditional money, so you might at least treat yourself to a decent way to carry it. Malcolm Fontier's iMojito sounds like it should be a cocktail app, but it's actually a combination wallet and iPhone case.

While it looks a little like a soft pouch – and has similarly compact dimensions – there's actually a screen protector built in. The iMojito also has an opening for your iPhone's charger, so you can rejuice the smartphone without needing to take it out. As for money, it'll hold up to four credit cards and some cash.

All four generations of iPhone will fit, and you could always slot your iPod touch in there instead; it's lined with microfiber so will give the screen a wipe on the way out, too. A decent holiday gift for the iPhone lover in your life, perhaps, and not bad at $35.