RIM adds The Astonishing Tribe to its team

RIM has announced that it has added a new company to its team called The Astonishing Tribe or TAT. The TAT team has been confirmed as joining RIM on the Inside BlackBerry blog at RIM. RIM says that the TAT expertise in UI design will be added to the Blackberry Playbook and smartphone platforms.

RIM hasn't disclosed the terms of the deal and stops short of saying in the official post that it has purchased the firm, but with the entire team coming to RIM that seems to be the obvious case. RIM notes that TAT has a long history of working in the mobile and embedded tech market.

RIM CTO David Yach made the official announcement for RIM. TAT has designed UIs for all sorts of uses including consumer electronics and automotive uses. The official TAT post about the move says, "Today we're very excited as we are announcing that we're taking a huge leap towards our vision to help create a full user experience for a great line of devices and products." The team will continue to honor its existing customers and agreements.