Wii Speak Phased Out by Nintendo …Maybe

Chris Burns - Dec 2, 2010
Wii Speak Phased Out by Nintendo …Maybe

Just about a half a month ago, we reported the fact that Nintendo was asking developers of the game Conduit 2 to not utilize Wii Speak in their game. Looks like it was because now, just a couple weeks later, they’ve announced they’re going to completely phase out the Wii Speak peripheral – perhaps to replace it with something neater?

Furthermore, Nintendo told GameSpot that they’d not be completely stopping the object cold: “additional shipments can be made if consumer demand increases.” What that basically means is that they’re leaving it up to hardcore fans of Wii Speak specifically to keep the peripheral alive. If you’re the sort of person who innitially got a whole heck of a lot of use out of WiiSpeak when you bought Animal Crossing: City Folk, now’d be the time to get up on your podium to demand it stay around for a bit longer. Or just wear a headset.

[Via Joystiq]

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