ThinkGeek ships uber geeky Electronic Music Synthesizer shirt

Shane McGlaun - Dec 2, 2010
ThinkGeek ships uber geeky Electronic Music Synthesizer shirt

Those wacky cats over at ThinkGeek are constantly throwing out new and increasingly geeky gadgets and clothing for us to check out. The latest of these geeky shirts has now started shopping and goes right along with the previous shirts from ThinkGeek that have a guitar on front and a drum kit. The newest shirt is the Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt.

The thing is an 80’s hair band synthesizer on the front of a shirt that actually plays music. You can see the dude in the YouTube video below playing that 80’s one hit wonder track “Take On Me” on the shirt. The synth on the shirt has five different sampled instruments that you can choose from.

The player can rock out with up to eight keys that can be pressed at one time. The sound for the synth comes out of a belt worn speaker that has a volume knob and a tone adjustment knob. Power for the amp comes from a quartet of AAA batteries. The shirt is shipping right now for $29.99 in S-XXL sizes.

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