Angry Birds Seasons Expansion Now Available In Apple App Store

Up until today, you'd have had to own an Android-based device in order to access you some sweet winter holiday Angry Birds fun, but now, iDevice users can join in on the fun as well. This lovely addition to the Angry Birds family of games will run you 99 cents if you're buying it for your iPhone or iPod Touch, or $1.99 if you'd like the HD version for your iPad. Users who've already purchased the Halloween version are reporting they're able to upgrade to Seasons for free.

This new version of Angry Birds has not only a total of 25 new levels for your snowbound enjoyment, but the entirety of the Halloween expansion as well. After those, you've also got a (handy?) link to the Angry Birds official online store, a link to getting yourself signed up for Angry Birds newsletters, and a link to the "Original Angry Birds" in the app store.

The "Trick or Treat" levels are exactly what you'd expect if you've played the Halloween expansion before (because they haven't changed), but the "Season's Greedings" levels are unique. Unique in that not only do they have a few new blocks for your to be breaking in the levels like snow and presents, but each level is only accessible on the corresponding day of the month. Two days are available now, 23 to go. You know what that counts down to? Christmas. What are you waiting for? Go get pumped up and download instantly!