SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 29 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2010
SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 29 2010

Welcome back after an extended holiday weekend! Many of you’ve got your new Android smartphones and giant televisions and weirdo oddities under your belt (or maybe you had even more fun by buying those things as presents) and you’ve come back, hungry for some tech news! Well you’re in luck, especially if you DIDN’T pick up your device of choice yet, especially if you live in Korea (where you’ll find the LG LU3000, faster than Galaxy S, – that is of course if you dismiss the fact that you might be going to war soon,) in Japan (where Sharp is very soon releasing their fabulous Galapagos tablets,) or the USA (where you can get a FREE G2.) Of course, if you’re in Taiwan this week, you’ll probably flip out over a ASUS Eee Note EA-800, and if you’re in the USA… well… how about a pulse rifle? Or I bet you’re on the lookout for a SlashGear Cyber Monday Round Up?! All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-up!

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Sprint 4G Now Available in 6 More Cities
LG Unveils Korea Only LU3000, faster than Galaxy S
Sony Ericsson rolling out Android update for Xperia X8 and X10
Fujifilm offers doctors new way to see x-rays and more from Android phones
Sharp Galapagos tablets due in Japan on December 10
Nexus S hits the FCC again, this time with new antennas
HTC G2 Free at Best Buy
Android Magazine banned from Apple App Store
Lockscreen Gestures coming to DROID via CyanogenMod
Install the Android Market on the Android Emulator
Further details released of Motorola Olympus and Etna devices
Gingerbread GRH47B Build Spotted
Ameri-Smartphone Moon over Japan – Sharp Corporation to Release Galapagos Android Devices
HTC Desire Z now available from Vodafone UK [Updated]

Windows Phone 7 outsold by Android 15:1 in UK suggests retailer
ASUS Eee Note EA-800 hits Taiwan this week for $228; US debut in Q1 2011
Crazy gold watch plays music and costs $1.2M
OMG…Aliens Pulse Rifle replica from ThinkGeek is epic
Facebook Skype integration tips “Face me” video chat
AMOLED panel firms actively developing more capacity
SlashGear Cyber Monday Round Up [FEATURED]
Apple masses legal team ahead of Nokia patent showdown
Toshiba crams battery inside new TVs for viewing with no power
comScore says online spending on Black Friday hit $648 million
Ocosmos OSC1 Oak Trail tablet detailed: due Q1 2011
Samsung Super AMOLED production up 10x in 2011 as company posts record small display profit
Chinese Government directly responsible for Google-hack says WikiLeaks [WHAAAT?]
Microsoft physical touchscreen patent app tips dynamic Surface
iPhone 3GS & 3G get iOS 4.2.1 carrier unlock with new redsn0w tool
Why Apple’s all-SSD, Light Peak MacBook Pro makes sense [COLUMN]
Richard Branson vs Rupert Murdoch in iPad Magazine Wars Soon
In Search of Solder and a Sense of Achievement [COLUMN]
MacBook Pro refresh with SSD, Light Peak & no DVD in April 2011? [BIG FAT NEWS]

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