SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: October 1, 2012

Well look at that: one minute we're in the middle of summer, and then October is suddenly here the next. Let's jump into the Evening Wrap-Up, shall we? Today we heard that Apple may begin sending out invitations to its rumored iPad Mini reveal event on October 10, and we were impressed by the leaked specifications for an upcoming BlackBerry 10 phone called Aristo. The Kindle Paperwhite started shipping to excited readers across the country today, and we found out that the Android remote wipe is still roaming around out there.Apple and Verizon have admitted to (and fixed) an issue with iPhone 5 that makes data charges go through the roof, while Apple was busy blocking in-app ads for digital stores other than the App Store. A recently discovered Twitter security flaw allows the less favorable people of the world to steal your account, and we found out today that one of The Pirate Bay's founders is still in jail without any charges. User adoption of Windows 8 seems to be lower than it was for Windows 7, and we caught wind of a new rumor that claims the next Nexus phone could be right around the corner, along with a new version of Jelly Bean.Mark Zuckerberg visited Russia today to talk about setting up a Facebook research center there, and a particularly funny glitch was seen telling former MobileMe users that their free iCloud storage wouldn't expire until 2050. There were a couple different team ups today, with Samsung and Peel coming together to offer interactive content during the upcoming presidential debates, and NETGEAR and Qualcomm joining forces to offer a new developer program. The US Navy has helped a team of scientists at Indiana University come up with a particularly scary new bit of malware, while Ten One Design announced the new Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 stylus.Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has officially hit 4 million sales, and things aren't looking too good for the ultrabook. The new MSN portal is taking some design cues from Windows 8, and Netflix has added its "Just For Kids" section to its iPad app. A Google buyout of Viewdle is said to be closing soon, and our old friend the CD turned 30 years old today. Finally tonight, we have a review of the new Vizio All-in-One PC by Chris Burns, so be sure to check it out! That does it for tonight's Evening Wrap-Up – enjoy the rest of your night everyone!