Windows 8 pre-launch adoption rate lower than Windows 7

Microsoft is officially launching Windows 8 on October 26, but several preview versions have been out and available to download for some time now. However, things are already not looking good for the new Windows operating system. The pre-launch adoption rate for Windows 8 is five times lower than the pre-launch adoption rate of Windows 7.

Research and analytics firm Net Applications reported that just 0.33% of all Windows-based computers ran on Windows 8 in September. To compare that to Windows 7, ComputerWorld notes that 1.64% of Windows-based computers were running on Windows 7 the month before it was released in 2009. If these numbers are a reflection of how people feel about Windows 8, things won't be looking good on launch day.

We've already been hearing some harsh criticism on Windows 8. Just recently, we heard about iconic indie game developer Markus "Notch" Persson bash the new operating system, saying that he will not support Windows 8 for his popular Minecraft video game due to how Microsoft is "locking down" their new OS.

Then again, we may see adoption rates jump soon after launch day. Microsoft has discounted its Windows 8 upgrade to just $40, which is an all-time low for any Windows version. The deal starts October 26 and ends on Janunary 31, 2013. However, many analysts are still predicting that Windows 8 will only see a 20%-25% market share in the corporate sector.

[via ComputerWorld]