iPad mini event invites tipped for October 10th

The next-generation iPad mini device that's been rumored for just about as long as the iPad's been out on its own has once again been suggested to be coming this October, with a set of invites being sent on the 10th of this month. The event invites have been tipped by a source speaking with CNN who they say also just happens to be a major Apple investor. This source supposedly spoke with "multiple sources", each saying that the invites would be sent on the 10th, the event would be on the 17th, and the iPad mini would be shipped on November 2nd (a Friday).

This rumor holds true to the notes over the past few weeks that said a "second" Apple event would be held after the iPhone 5 event in which iTunes would be more of a focus. This event, they said, would likely reveal the iPad mini as well as a collection of iPod devices. As it turned out, the iPods came up right alongside the iPhone 5, leaving this next event to hold the iPad mini and a possible iPad refresh – perhaps one called the iPad Air.

This iPad Air rumor has turned up in analysis more often than it has in tips and leaks, the suggestion being that the current iPad's Retina quality display and giant battery could be down-graded somewhat to bring what's essentially an iPad 2 set of specifications with the new 8-pin docking port included on the device. The iPad mini is being suggested to have similar specifications, with a screen resolution the same as the iPad 2 but smashed into a smaller 7.85-inch display.

The smaller device will be set to be released with a lower price, of course, competing then with the mini-tablet segment that's cropped up over the past year. Have a peek at the iPad mini timeline below to see more suggestions on its innards, release dates, and price. Also note that this device has not been confirmed nor denied by Apple in any way.