iPad Mini mockup shows up in HD video

We've been hearing about the iPad Mini for a while now, and it seems that Apple is looking to take on the booming 7-inch tablet market with their own smaller model of the iPad. The rumors are flying around like wild geese, and the most recent one is this HD video showing off a mockup of what looks like a pretty legit and nearly complete Pad Mini.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen an iPad Mini mockup. We've already seen plenty of high-res images of the rumored device. However, we're now given a 720p HD video of the iPad Mini in motion. Unfortunately, it only looks to be a physical mockup with no demo of the user interface. Then again, we know what iOS looks like.

However, the model shown off above looks to be near-complete. The mockup looks like it has all the features that an iPad Mini would have: volume buttons, hold and power buttons, the home button, speakers, and even the new Lightning port. Seeing an iPad Mini in this kind of near-complete condition on video definitely makes us think we'll be seeing a real one very soon.

Apple's iPad Mini is already supposedly in its production stage at various Foxconn and Pegatron factories, with a rumored launch to occur sometime in October. If that's the case, Apple will have a very busy fall season, with the iPhone 5 launch still causing a lot of hype.

[via MacRumors]