Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition hits 4 million sales

For Mojang, Minecraft is the gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps it would better to call it the cash cow that keeps producing that sweet, sweet money, but whatever you want to call it, it's safe to say that it's one of the most popular indie games ever created. That's evidenced in the latest sales numbers for the Xbox 360 edition: 4 million sales less than 5 months after release. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a success.

It would be considered a success by most studios putting out triple-A retail releases with a $60 price tag, never mind a smaller studio putting a port of an indie game on Xbox Live Arcade. Some were saying prior to release that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's $20 dollar price was too steep for an Xbox Live Arcade title, but it seems that the fans don't mind paying it. It's fun to wonder, however, if Mojang would have enjoyed more sales if it had priced Minecraft at $15.

But no matter, because Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is still raking in the cash. By comparison, Minecraft.net shows that sales of the PC version are sitting right around 7.5 million, but given Minecraft's popularity, it probably won't linger there for long. Combined, both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Minecraft have sold just over 11.5 million copies, and that isn't counting sales of Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS and Android, which are probably equally as impressive.

Those who have been eyeing the PC version might be pleased to know that Mojang is now offering digital download cards for Minecraft at retailers in the US. The cards cost $26.95, the same price as a digital download directly from Minecraft.net, and are available at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy locations across the country. If you haven't yet experienced what Minecraft has to offer, it sounds like now is the perfect time.