Apple iCloud bug mentions 2050 as expiration date for storage upgrades

Some iOS users are reporting what appears to be a bug in Apple's iCloud online storage service. For users that received an extra 20GB of storage for free after migrating from MobileMe are seeing an expiration date of 2050. The date showed up on users' accounts yesterday, which also happened to be the last day that users could keep their 20GB.Apple reminded MobileMe users last week that the 20GB they received for free when the iCloud transition took place would be taken away and would go back to 5GB of storage space, unless users opted for a paid plan that starts at $20 a year for 10GB. However, users are seeing that they still have their 20GB of extra storage in their account, but with an expiration date of "9/30/50".

However, the expiration date is showing up on iOS devices as well as Macs in System Preferences, so it's definitely not a bug that's isolated to just one platform — it's showing up everywhere. Even though it would be amazing to keep 20GB of storage for another 38 years, we think it's only just a bug in Apple's iCloud subscription database.

Apple also seemed to have issues with iTunes yesterday as well, which was also the same day that the company officially shut down its music-centric social network Ping. It could be that Apple's servers are just having some issues whenever they're shutting down something specific and making changes, but we're interested to see how Apple responds to the expiration date bug.

[via The Mac Observer]