SlashGear Week in Review – Week 44 2009

Shane McGlaun - Nov 1, 2009
SlashGear Week in Review – Week 44 2009

The weeks are just flying by, time change is this weekend so I hope you aren’t late for anything. The holidays will be here before we know it. This has been another busy week in the gadget world. HTC has confirmed that Android 2.0 smartphones are incoming and the HTC Dragon is the likely first Android 2.0 device to come from HTC.

One of the slickest iPhone concepts I have ever seen tipped up early in the week. The thing shares some of the iMac style and looks dead sexy, if a bit boxy. A keyboard with a nice concept called the Vioguard UKB50 broke cover Monday and promised to kill germs with UV light. That sounds all fine and good, but the thing has a price tag of almost $900.

A Nintendo DSi with a larger set of screen broke cover in Japan this week. The thing has a pair of 4-inch displays for more screen real estate. Word started making rounds that Sony Ericsson is set to launch its first Android phone next week called the XPERIA X10. The device is rumored to use a 1GHz snapdragon processor and have an 8MP camera.

Intel showed off its new Atom N470 processor that promises to bring with it loosened rules on what the netbook can use for hardware and screen size. The N470 is expected to make its debut at the end of January. The HTC HD2 was unboxed on Tuesday and we got all hot and bothered. The device looks fantastic for sure.

Netflix gave a few more details on how its streaming service for the PS3 works. It turns out that you have to keep the disc in the PS3 at all times to use the service. The disc is a way to skirt the agreement Netflix has in place with Microsoft it seems. The specs of the HTC Droid Eris leaked this week and we were disappointed. The device has Android 1.5 and a 528MHz Qualcomm processor.

Google officially launched Android 2.0 Tuesday with a video and the whole works. We can’t wait for some handsets running the new OS to tip up. Intel pulled its X25-M SSD firmware update after users reported that the software messed up Windows 7 installations. The goal of the new software was to boost the SSD speeds as much as 40%.

Google unveiled a sweet new app for Android 2.0 devices this week that turns Google Maps into a turn-by-turn navigation app for free. Google says it is working to bring the free Google Maps Navigation app to the iPhone as well. The Verizon DROID from Motorola went official mid-week with a price tag of $200. The handset will be available on November 6 and should be the best Android device to date.

JVC offered up its under $200 XV-BP11 Blu-ray player this week that has all the features you want. Assuming that is you don’t want BD-Live which is not featured on the device. Keeping gadgets charged on the go can be challenging, the YoGen has a unique way to do it. The charger has a yo-yo like ripcord that the user pulls to charge their device.

HTC confirmed that an update to Android 2.0 for the HTC Hero is in the works. The downside to the announcement is that HTC tells owners to “be patient.” In other words, it will be a while before the update is offered. We went hands on with the DROID this week. Vince found a lot to like and expect a full review from us shortly.

New terms and conditions for iTunes were published Thursday and leaked a pending 3.0 update for Apple TV. I haven’t turned my Apple TV on in a good six months I hope the update has something in it that makes the thing useful. That sexy dual screen Kohjinsha netbook was spied on video Thursday. I want one even more after seeing the cool dual screen netbook in use. I hope the battery life doesn’t suck.

Nintendo announced that it was having to cut sales forecasts after sales of the Wii and DS dropped significantly. I wonder if the PS3 is finally taking some of the Wii’s thunder. Netflix streaming service is reportedly coming to the Wii soon. Exactly how soon is unknown but it is expected in 2010. Microsoft has to be pissed; I expect to hear about a suit from this any day now.

Asus CEO Jerry Chen has revealed that the company is set to launch the Eee Smartbook in Q1 2010 price at about $180. The dirt cheap netbook will use a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the Android OS. We reviewed the Blackberry Storm 2 this week. The device isn’t going to win the smartphone war, but it is much better than its predecessor.

Best Buy is taking pre-orders at its Best Buy mobile kiosks for the Motorola DROID. The best thing about ordering it from Best Buy is that the $100 mail-in rebate offered in Verizon stores is an instant rebate at Best Buy. That sweet MSI Big Bang mainboard is set to launch soon. The board lets you use any brand and model of video card in your PC at the same time.

Friday we offered up the highlights of the Motoroal DROID smartphone, and it has a lot of them. The device is destined to be one of the most popular and best smartphones of 2009. October has come and gone, thanks for reading the first week in review of November, have a good weekend!

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