Vioguard UVKB50 keyboard sanitizes itself with UV light

Among the many benefits of working from home is that you don't have to worry about nasty coworkers getting you sick with their cold and flu germs. Still, with any shared computer in the home or office, you run the chance of contaminating each other. The keyboard is one of those places in the home where germs lurk because most keyboards simply can't stand up to sanitation.

A company called Vioguard has announced a new keyboard called the UVKB50 that is a self-sanitizing unit that uses UV light to kill germs. According to the manufacturer, the UV light is powerful enough to kill the dreaded H1N1 swine flu that is making its rounds. The light also kills other types of germs like MRSA and more.

The keyboard slides into a tray that you LCD sits on. Inside the enclosed tray is a UV light source with 50-watts of UV light that can kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses in seconds. Too bad the light can't glean the Cheetos crumbs from between my keys too. The bad news is that the keyboard costs more than many computers at $899. Shipments are set to start in November to consumers.